Lost (05/06/17)

Here’s a poem I made for an English project!

I am nothing but a mere image

of what is wanted

to be seen.


I am nothing but a shell


in the sea of people.


I am nothing but a girl


to the world.


The voices,

continue to scream,

continue to doubt.


The hopelessness,

the pain,

the agony.


Continue to consume

and take

and take.


In the end,

a mere empty soul



First Time

Since this is going to be my first time writing on this blog, I’m going to write about the first time I have ever been on a date with someone!

Okay so I met this person on a dating app and they seemed nice and all so we started talking and they asked me on a date. They actually asked me to go on a date with them when they were drunk so of course I would reply with “Ask me again when you’re sober.” So the following day we were texting and I was anticipating them asking me again and they did and yay! All good in the world!

We met a few days before Valentine’s Day and we wanted to go on a date that day, but I had school so we rescheduled it to Saturday. Anyways, it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone is being sappy and lovey dovey and BAM I came up with this (dumb) spontaneous plan of surprising them flowers the following day!

The Night Before:

I sent a message to her roommate to see what their schedule was like and they told me and I asked my cousin if they could bring me to their school and yea. I had it all planned out in my head.

The Day Of:

So my cousin and I went to get the flowers and I messaged the person’s roommate to see if they were still at the place where I was supposed to go and she was! So my cousin and I headed our way to the school. I was kind of lost at first because it was my first time there but we managed (I didn’t realise that there was going to be a lot of people so I asked my cousin to stand off to the side with the flowers while I tried to look for them because I didn’t want to look weird carrying around flowers lol). I found them and they did not look surprised at all. I was kind of disappointed at first but I had a feeling their roommate would tell them to see who I was and all. On to the story, we talked for a bit and she offered to buy food so we accepted. And yea! I dont know if that was considered a date because my cousin was there so a kind of first date? I don’t know to be honest but I’m considering a kind-of-first-date.

So that’s the story of my first date! Kind of. Maybe. I don’t know if they considered it as a date to be honest. But I did so….

The Flowers: